Expanding (no fooling)

A lot has been going on…

We moved back to our house, started putting things back where we thought they belonged, celebrated a bunch of holidays, ate a lot of good food, starting entertaining friends again, began the preliminary work for the garden, wrote, crafted, wandered about, and started growing a baby.

It’s been a good few months.


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  1. 1

    kimmykokonut said,

    Congratulations! You don’t look sick or grumpy or tired at all. I won’t share photos of me because I’d be looking like all of the above. But you look wonderful!

    • 2

      valleyvegan said,

      Kim, are you nuts? 🙂
      I saw pics on your flickr and you look gorgeous! Seriously.
      I’m so jealous you got to hang out with lemurs…
      And, thanks!

  2. 3

    You look great!! Congrats again, can’t wait til August (?) to hear more and the best of luck for then ;D

  3. 5

    GaietyGirl said,

    Ah! Baby bumpage! You look awesome missus 🙂

  4. 7

    Oh, that’s great news! SO happy for you 🙂 Best wishes!

  5. 8

    Hey! You haven’t posted for a while! How are things going?

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