I found what I’d been missing

Yes, I’m alive. Mostly. I’ve been tearing my hair out looking for a car, but I think I’m done. Knock on Wood.
Anyway, I stopped in at the British Pantry in Redmond today, and they had baked beans! Not the nasty meaty kind! Just the nasty tomatoey kind I fell in love with in Europe! Yay! They’re a bit pricey, but totally worth it.
I’m gradually reclaiming friends, family, and kitchen appliances, but we don’t get to move back into our house for another couple of weeks since our sea shipment hasn’t arrived.

Oh! Thanksgiving was pretty nice. I made the Chickpea Cutlets from Vcon for the first time and they were really splendid. Just great. And I made mediocre garlic mashed potatoes (I mashed them with a small whisk) and one batch of eh gravy and one batch of tasty gravy. 3 dinners later, I’m done eating the same thing. Except pie. Which I’ve eaten for breakfast every morning for the last 3.
If you are looking for a new cake recipe, make the pumpkin cake with pecan streusel from Veganomicon. Delish.


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    Hey! Dear Becca, glad you are happy (almost) to be back! Also very proud for being in the same place (a little too off-center, perhaps, provincial, maybe) as your favorites beans. And what might being looked upon as mediocre is really really far too sophisticated for some. I can locate right potatoes. Yes, it is complicated 🙂

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    kimmykokonut said,

    Welcome home! I tried the cutlet recipe and it resulted in a huge fail. We’ll have to talk about your method. I made my apple sage sausages and did a maitake-shiitake gravy, loosely based off V’con’s mushroom gravy. It’s hard to find a fantastic gravy. I think last year I made 3 versions and didn’t like any of them. I’m done putting nooch into it. I ended up making way too much mashed potatoes and am planning on adding it to some soup today!

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