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Truffle Kerfuffle

2 days ago, a lovely friend bought me a vegan truffle at one of the veg places here in Dublin. The truffle was nice. Chocolatey, coated with pistachios, a little fluffy, and super sweet. It reminded me of some truffles I made almost exactly 1 year ago:


Unlike the truffle I had on Wednesday, which was made with cocoa powder, icing sugar (powdered sugar), raisins, and some other stuff I don’t remember, the truffles in the picture are made with a blended cashew base. They were super creamy and dense and flavorful. I think the only downside was that they were a little soft and needed to be kept in the fridge. Next time, maybe I will dip them in melted chocolate to provide a bit of barrier between the middly part and my hand.


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