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Indian Takeaway

We’ve gotten a few takeaway Indian dinners whilst living in Dublin. There are a lot of curry shops around. Lots. That is, compared to the Seattle area. And there are a lot of East Indian places in Seattle. It’s also one of the easiest cuisines from which to order vegan dishes. Generally, I just order food from the vegetarian listing on the menu and specify no ghee/dairy (some people don’t think of ghee as dairy because the milk solids have been removed…)

I usually cook rice at home, because I bristle at the prospect of paying 2 euro per person for plain white rice at home. Tonight I also prepared the sauteed spinach and tomato recipe from Vcon to go with what I figured would be a pretty brownish sauce covered affair. I was right, even though the food was better than most.

I think I like the idea of a takeaway curry better than the actuality of a said curry. It always tastes good in my mind, but I’m often underwhelmed.

Some of the meals we’ve had are decent. It’s clear they used fresh veg and the seasoning is varied from dish to dish.

Some of the curries we’ve had were pretty rotten. Not literally, I suppose, but just unpleasant. Mushy veg, bad/non-existent flavor.

One thing these meals had in common, however, was that they were really greasy. I might be remembering curry back home through un-greased glasses, but golly. The oil that spills forth from these little aluminum tubs of lazy-person’s supper is abundant.

I’ll have to report when we get back to the states. My memory could very well be faulty.


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