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Nibble nibble

One thing I love about being vegan is snacking. In my ideal mode, I eat bits and bobs all day long. There are certainly days when I forget to eat enough and I wonder why I feel like crap, but normally it isn’t hard. I love to eat. As long as I keep low-prep foods around: ripe fruit, leftovers, bean dip, roasted nuts, cookies, muffins, crunchy things, creamy things, frozen things, I will have a snack every 2 (or fewer) hours.

Now, this isn’t a matter of eating to appease boredom. I know that’s a bad idea, even though food is so entertaining… But my blood sugar level seems to be sensitive (it’s hereditary) and I try to maintain balance, otherwise I get irritable, exhausted, droopy, and I get migraines sometimes, (way less than I did before acupuncture, however). Also, it can be a challenge to get enough calories if I’m just eating 3 meals a day. Well, if I’m eating 3 healthy meals a day.

Whenever Shane and I are planning a day out on the weekend, my first order of business is snack food. We generally pack carrot sticks, apples, a banana, biscuits/cookies, and something crunchy like corn cakes or crisps. If it’s going to be a longish outing, we bring sandwiches as well (hummus and veg or peanut butter and jam). Part of this is to make sure we’ll have something to eat if vegan pickings are slim, and part of it is to protect Shane from my low-fuel wrath. A well-fed Becca means everybody wins.


Stupid mittens

 We’re okay:

hob nobs


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