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Salad love

When Shane and I visited the UK and Ireland last summer, we noticed a certain tendency towards adding a pile of salad to plates in restaurants and cafes. Now, ‘salad’ is a loose term. Here, it generally means a hodge-podge of moderately crunchy things with lots of mayonnaise. Sometimes you’ll find beans in a salad. Sometimes they are dressed with vinaigrette. It is also quite difficult to avoid red onions. Which I dislike. Coleslaw is ubiquitous in Ireland. I’ve a friend who particularly enjoys coleslaw and cheese sandwiches, and nobody gives her a funny look when she orders it.

I spent a day in Brighton this past June, and I wandered into one of the many vegetarian places. I ordered a take away bowl of various salads. I just asked for all the vegan ones (there was plenty of mayo on the others) and they were piled in my bowl. Despite the red onions, it was pretty tasty.



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