My own hunting scene and Glasgow yummies

I’m not a violent person. But Shane and I went to the Burrell collection just outside Glasgow and there was a little interactive area. You know. The kind for kids or annoying grown-ups. Now, I realize that hunting is something people used to do back in the day because the other options for acquiring food were not adequate. But, seriously. There’s no need now. So, here’s the scene I made with the little magnet board.

hunting scene We sampled the wares of 2 vegan places in Glasgow.  Mono(gathering place, restaurant, club, record shop) was awesome. I had a Smoked Tofu/Lettuce/Tomato/Avocado sandwich and Shane had some sort of veggie burger. Both very good. The Montezuma chocolate torte was dense and luscious. The other place we went was The 78 and it was fine. My chickpea burger was a little underdone so it had that uncooked flour taste going on. But my onion rings were sweet. The 78


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