Beans on Toast

On our weekend trip in Munster, Shane and I stayed in Cork for most of a day. We had brunch at the Quay Co-op Restaurant.I had the vegan breakfast: house made baked beans, grilled tomato, veg sausage, orange juice and house bread toasted w/margarine. Shane had the vegetarian breakfast, which was the same except with a poached egg and a potato cake which was basically a fried colcannon.

 When we stay at b&b’s, I pretty much always have beans on toast, but Quay’s beans were really delicious. I buy canned baked beans when we’re home in Dublin (they don’t put any meat products in them like in the states) and stir in some strong mustard. The mustard is yummy and also diminishes the canned flavor.

tried making baked beans from scratch a few months ago with a recipe from Lorna Sass’ Vegetarian Cooking under Pressure. They would have been good, but there was a sort of rich meaty flavor that was bit much for me. Funny how anything with a flavor even vaguely reminiscent of meat creeps me out.

 Anyway, if you have a good recipe for baked beans, let me know.

And if you’re in Cork someday, stop in at the Quay Co-op Restaurant. 

B at Brunch


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  1. 1

    I’d be interested in a baked bean recipe too! That breakfast looks yum, shame the colcannon wasn’t vegan – I love that stuff.

    • 2

      valleyvegan said,

      I love colcannon. I’ve never really done it to a recipe. It just seems like mashed potatoes with onions and kale or cabbage. So comforting!

  2. 3

    kimmykokonut said,

    I love how you are now posting fun pics of yourself! I just made the cheater baked beans from Veganomicon and thought they were pretty good. It was my first time making them from scratch. It’s meant for canned beans and baking in the oven for about an hour but I went the long way and slow cooked the bens then baked them for an hour. I could have saved time if I just did it all in the crock pot. I like to add tofu dogs to my baked beans. It just feels right.

    • 4

      valleyvegan said,

      the pictures of myself are kind of unintentional. Whenever we travel, Shane always takes a picture of me along with whatever I’m about to eat 🙂
      You are a strong crock pot advocate! I will have to use mine more when we get back. I love it in theory, but it always seems to demolish whatever I put in it. Which can be a good thing, I suppose.

  3. 5

    Mo said,

    I love beans on toast! It’s something I discovered only a few years ago. I think I was watching the movie Hot Fuzz and one of the characters was doing beans on toast. I tried it that same night and fell in love.

    My new obsession is to put the beans on roasted garlic ciabatta toast. SO good!

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