The Sandwich Question

Shane loves sandwiches. I am quite fond of them, myself. When we’re at home, sometimes I put “delicious sandwiches” on the menu and they are precisely that. The standard Guthrie sandwich consists of homemade garlic foccacia or bap (hamburger bun) with hummus, tomato, rocket (arugula), pickle, marinated fried tempeh, and possibly some mayo, mustard, and pesto. Yes. All on the same sandwich.up close tempeh sandwich
And it is indeed delicious.
I’m also fond of any sandwich with avocado layered on. Fantastic.

When we’re on holiday however, sandwiches can be tricky. The standard is hummus and some sort of plant (lettuce, tomato, spinach…) on bread. But after a few days, it gets tiring. When it’s available, we like prepared seasoned tofu for a sandwich filling. There’s a really good one by Demeter: pizza tofu. It tastes like pizza and you don’t even need anything else on the bread.
But when there isn’t a health food shop nearby, we resort to random snacks or restaurant meals, which aren’t always better and get really expensive.
What do you put on a sandwich that is vegan, at least reasonably tasty, and non-perishable (ie. you can carry it around for a day or three without fearing for your life)?lunch 26.2


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    kneehigh said,

    Tomato slices in sandwiches make me fear for my life because they get so soggy.

    I like peanut butter and raspeberry jam, peanut butter and banana, hazelnut butter and blackberry jam, leftover dinner type stuff (like cooked veg). Fake cheese is good for a change, but not as tasty as the others.

  2. 2

    kimmykokonut said,

    When we were in Peru we grabbed whatever looked good at street markets which was usually tomato, cucumber, avocado, cilantro. We’d carry that around on bus trips and look like crazy people at rest stops making sandwiches while everyone else went and bought fried chicken and white rice. But the sandwiches get boring, fast! I haven’t found a way to make it more exciting on the road. I’m sure hummus would have helped and sprouts but that’s not really accessible where we were. Pizza tofu sounds great!

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