Culture Night 2009

We started the evening with a free 30 minute organ recital at the National Concert Hall.

Organ Recital

It was riveting. Truly. The organist was like a one man band. We were sitting up in the choir section and could see his hands and feet and the keys and pedals. I guess I didn’t realize that the pedals of an organ are like a keyboard with whole and half steps. Good grief. It was awesome.

Then we wandered around and ended up at the GPO (general post office) where they were handing out free postcards with a stamp and Shane and I each sent one to Seattle.

Govinda’s for dinner

Govinda'sThe chickpeas had sour cream, so the girl scooped a big portion of them for Shane, in addition to our enormous platter of other dishes. The Abbey St. Govinda’s always serves up crazy amounts of food.

We went to Christchurch Cathedral, and considered going to Dublinia, but thought better of it when we saw the queue…

Then we walked towards St. Stephen’s Green. I had a vague idea of the rough location of my friend Liu’s art studio. I knew it was somewhere near Stephen’s Green. I’m still amazed we found it. But I’m really glad. I’ve seen her art on her blog, but in person it is much more vibrant and lovely.

Fun evening. Lots of people out being nutty. It was pretty cool to be out after dark and still have places besides the pubs and centra open.   


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    kimmykokonut said,

    is there a Govinda’s in every minor city in the world? i swear there were so many in south america but it was a godsend to find a place that served beans! i am thankful to the hare’s for that.

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