Isle of Man Part One

This is me before we heard that our ferry was delayed by 3 hours and that we wouldn’t arrive at our hotel in Douglas until approximately 4:30 am:

before the delay

I was worried the proprieters would have to wait up for us, but when we arrived, the bar was full and drunken folk were having a grand time. We crawled up to our room and slept on a bed which Shane later described as having the ridgey bumpy quality of a ribcage. But we slept pretty well.

The next morning, we took our bikes on the Electric train into Laxey and then took another train up to the highest point on the Isle of Man. It was really foggy, so we couldn’t really see anything, but on clear days you’re supposed to be able to see six kingdoms. Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, the sea(?), and the Isle of Man. Right. I guess we saw the kingdom we were on. After I nearly got blown over by the crazy wind, we got back on the train and came back to Laxey, looked around, ate lunch, and decided to cycle back to Douglas. It was a lovely ride, although pretty challenging at times, and we found a knitting shop and got to the museum in Douglas 40 minutes before it closed. I chose Chinese for dinner. It had been a really long time since I’d had Chinese food and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was a good day. We put our bikes in the TV room and feel asleep on our double ribcage.


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