No, I don’t have chickenpox or anything. For the last several weeks, Shane and I have been feeling ready to go home. I mean home to the states. I’m not sure what triggers it, but I find myself overcome with waves of homesickness. Generally once every couple of days.
I’m starting to hear about events and activities that I may actually be able to attend. I’m thinking about how I’m going to manage being without my yarn for 8 weeks. Especially right before Christmas. Shane didn’t fall for my idea to simply buy more yarn. I tried.
I’m hoping the cats haven’t really gotten too chubby. We were supposed to put them on a diet already, but it sounds like the Shane’s parents have been spoiling them and all involved are enjoying themselves.
We’ve been talking for months about what we’ll miss in Ireland. We’ve been talking for longer about what we miss in Washington. But we can always come back. And even though I never had a specific interest in Ireland, I’m sure we won’t be able to stay away. Dublin is another home to us, now. Despite the sorry lack of good burritos, and irritating banking situations, and absurdly low library check-out limits, I have come to appreciate this place and the generous, relaxed, stalwart, honest, open people I’ve come to care about.
Look out, my darling chubby cats. You’ve got about 6 weeks left. Better make them good.

shane & cattens


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    kneehigh said,

    Aw, you’re talking about leaving already, sniffle 😦

  2. 3

    Chick said,

    I am glad you have had such an enriching experience in Dublin, but doubly glad that you are coming back to Duvall and are “itching” to be here. I think of you and miss you every week at choir. I can’t wait to hear your stories first hand and to catch you up on everything that has gone on around here. I also look forward to stretching myself to cook a vegan homecoming dinner for you and Shane — maybe you could contribute gluten-free goodies for dessert?

    • 4

      valleyvegan said,

      I would love to share a dinner with you and Aggie! I’ve actually been cooking more gluten-free dishes, so I could definitely do dessert. I can’t wait to be singing with choir again. See you soon!

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