25 and a week.

I’ve always loved birthdays. I love my own birthdays, but I actually love other people’s birthdays even more.
My birthday this year was alternately quiet and nutty. First thing, I checked my e-mail and I had all these sweet/funny e-cards from my family. Sigh. I’m going to miss a lot of birthdays this year.
I took the bus with a friend to the yarn shop in Santry where I managed to only buy 3 new circular needles. I felt very restrained. Back at home I steamed a boatload of vegetables for lunch and then ate a lot of dark chocolate. I was imagining for a little while that I ate that much vegetation for lunch because I was feeling aware of my own mortality. But, honestly, I just needed to use up the vegetables that were turning.
The rest of the afternoon held knitting, listening to podcasts, and knitting some more.
Shane and I were planning on cycling to Ballsbridge for sushi, but it was drizzly out, so I decided to go to a noodle place in town. Supper was good. Noisy, but good.
After food, we were wandering around, killing time, vaguely trying to find the theatre for which we had tickets, but thinking it was right nearby. So, basically, we’re 10 minutes to show time and we’ve realized the theatre is definitely not on South Georges St, where I thought I remembered it was. I call a friend with the internet, and we determine the theatre is on NORTH Georges St…..Great.
15 minutes of alternate scurrying and running later, we found ourselves at the show. Fortunately, they were starting a little late, as shows often do, and we settled in for several short plays.
It was nice. I hadn’t seen a live theatre performance in a long time. Some of the shows sucked, and some of them were really lovely.
Anyway, great day, a little craziness, yummy food, sweet friends, and relaxing knitting. I feel good about 25.


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    kimmykokonut said,

    Happy Birthday! I’m getting worse at remembering them but it sounds like you had a good one.

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