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b at poolbegIt

It was a long busy happy day.
I made pancakes this morning before we scooted off to the co-op according to Saturday morning tradition.
Shane wrote poetry in the cafe while I went about my hardcore produce procurement. Today I picked up:
Spinach, celery, apples, beetroot, pears, oranges, rocket, pakchoi, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, carrots, garlic, ginger, lemons, grapefruit, avocados, green beans, and tomatoes.
This might last us a few days.
We dropped off our purchases at home and cycled on to Rathmines and Ranelagh for tofu, oven chips, margarine, crisps, pasta sauce, and pizza cheese (for Shane, of course). All the healthy essentials, y’know?
Back home for a late lunch and we were off again. On the recommendation of a co-worker, Shane wanted to go out to the Poolbeg lighthouse in Dublin bay. It’s at the very end of a long bar of land/wall. The sign said it was completed in 1768.
We bicycled and trudged our way out there and trudged and bicycled our way back. On the route home, we crossed a single lane bridge. I stuck my head over the rail to look at the water and observed three ducks paddling against the current. It looked like hard work, but they seemed to be enjoying whatever there was to be found in the water, as they repeatedly tipped upside down and nibbled around in the murk.
We finally got home, where I realized I had completely forgotten about the bread I’d left to rise, but fortunately it looked okay after 4ish hours on the counter. Oops.
I threw together some hummus and we supped at 9.

Days like this help me feel better about all the time I spend doing nothing. I mean, it’s really easy to forget those productive moments when I’ve been sitting on the couch for 5 hours knitting and listening to audiobooks.
It doesn’t really sound like we did that much today, I suppose, but I generally think it was a good day if I went outside for a little while or helped out somewhere.
Maybe I worry too much about being productive. I’m a weird cross between profoundly lazy and over-achieving. I guess I achieve amazing levels of laziness.


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  1. 1

    kneehigh said,

    I don’t think you are lazy at all; you have seen far more of Ireland than I have, and I have been here … 60? times the amount of months you have…

    Please give me your hummus recipe. I promise to memorise and destroy it immediately.

    I figured out how you reply to comments! (I think.) The reader (me) clicks on ‘notify me of follow up comments’ and then when the blogger (you) shoves a comment under this one, I get an email! I feel like such an achiever having discovered this.

  2. 2

    Jessica said,

    That is funny, Dan is also a weird cross between very lazy and needing to go out and do as much as possible. He basically will sit around doing the same thing forever and then suddenly he wants to go do crazy activities and go out and this and that. Must be a family trait.

  3. 4

    Aaron said,

    I found an old shopping list of mine the other day. It had many items. Next to the some were a check mark, next to others, a frowning face. On the list was water. Next to water there were two check marks.

    I love the relationship I have with my past self.

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