Probably the worst thing about Dublin

I like a lot of things about living in Dublin.

I like being so close to everything and being able to ride my bike and walk and bus and train just about everywhere I want to go.

I like that it’s flat and makes it easy for my lazy self to do all those things.

I like that I have two knitting groups to attend with wacky awesome ladies and plenty of addiction-encouragement.

I like that Shane gets to take the tram to work, or mostly to work. And then walks for awhile.

I like how many different nationalities of people live here and how it can be hard to find an Irish person.

I like how the street I live next to is like Charity Shop Row. Seriously, from the top of Georges to the top of Rathgar (the road changes names along the way), there are 14 charity shops.

I like that it takes approximately 2 hours or less to get anywhere in continental Europe.

I like that the food co-op here is actually still a co-op and not a big chain of overpriced supermarkets.




Probably the worst thing about Dublin:


It is impossible to get a good burrito.


I’m serious.


What’s the deal, folks?

Creamy nubbly refried beans, zesty rice, marinated roasted tofu, zippy ranchero sauce, crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato, and delectably rich guacamole all wrapped in a soft chewy warm tortilla.

(Come to my house on burrito night and I’ll show you what it’s all about)

What are you afraid of, Ireland?


Shane and I have purchased burritos at a few places. We’re always disappointed. They always put something weird in them (chili? As in the thick stew?), or leave something crucial out, (no beans?).

One place, they had almost everything available as side orders, so I got most of the elements and we assembled our own burritos while the servers and customers must have thought we were nuts.


We make our own, now. There’s no point in trying elsewhere, I guess. But I keep hoping, for some reason, that a delicious burrito will smack me in the face. Er, mouth.


So I like living here. I will miss a lot of it. But I won’t miss this horrible, social-fabric-eroding deficit.

Give the people burritos.



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  1. 1

    kneehigh said,

    There is a good place in Galway called La Salsa, if you are going by there again, that you could try. I don’t know of anywhere in Dublin (or anywhere else in the country!). But everything you cook is lovely, so any local Mexican places don’t stand a chance ;D

  2. 3

    GaietyGirl said,

    Have you tried Taco Taco? It’s in the food hall near the Ha’Penny bridge. It’s all paper plates and the like, but it’s the best Mexican food in Dublin. They have everything in a vegetarian option, so I’m sure they’d leave off the cheese and sour cream for you 🙂

    • 4

      valleyvegan said,

      We have tried Taco Taco…and it’s as close we’ve gotten to the burritos of home. We’re planning on giving them another go. Not bad, but not what we’re used to. Mmm. I’m hungry now.

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