Knitted Tea

I hosted a wee little tea party this morning/afternoon. Four of the ladies from Wednesday knitting came over for knitting, ball-winding, munchy, tea/coffee-drinking yumminess. It was splendid. And…the bread I baked to go with the hummus turned out beautifully! Much better than the last time, when I botched that recipe.
Anyhow, it was just lovely. Conversation was good, I used my electric kettle for the first time, and apologized and told my friend that I only have soya milk when she asked for directions to the loo. That’s me! Ever helpful!
Aaaaaaannnnddd! Rose Anne organized my yarn by color! It’s so beautiful. Hurray for craft-crazy chums and orange scones and peppermint tea on a crappy drizzly Dublin day.


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    kneehigh said,

    It was the best fun! That’s so spooky; I came online to send you a message to say thanks for the brunch, and you’ve gone and made a post I can reply to instead.

    And I have a confession: I ate the scone you gave me for C. :O It was YUMMY.

  2. 2

    Jessica said,

    Hey – your mom said that you were on Ravelry and I wanted your screen name so we can be Ravelry buddies. I’m pretty much obsessed with knitting already, thanks to your mom and Shannon getting me started. I’ve already added a billion things to my queue that I’ll most likely never get to all of, but it is great fun and inspiration. Anyway, hi from Dan and me, I hope you are doing well in Ireland.

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