My most special lady is here to visit. She arrived last Saturday and she leaves tomorrow morning. I met her at the airport and we caught the bus home, and we pretty much walked and talked from then on. I guess I didn’t realize how much walking I do. I’m honestly not that familiar with the bus system in town because I really just walk everywhere. I’m afraid I kind of wore my mother out. I mean she walks the dogs and stuff, but this was a bit more hard-core. I think she might need a vacation from vacation when she gets home. Sorry!


Sunday, Shane, mom, and I walked 🙂 up to the tourist office to catch the shuttle bus to Newgrange. After waiting almost half an hour, we were randomly informed that they weren’t running the early bus and we’d have to wait another two hours. Hmm. We spent the time drinking tea and a chai soya latte (yummy), and gawking at the enormous chocolate eggs at the Dunnes.


Finally, we got on the shuttlebus to Newgrange and had a lovely guided tour, picnic-style lunch, and a bit of museum viewing. Then I heard my name over the loud speaker and we found we were late getting back to the shuttle. I felt bad for making everyone wait for us, but very glad our driver had paged me.

The rest of the week was a patchwork of high produce intake, (I guess moms never stop telling you to eat your vegetables), walking, sleeping in late, walking, free museums, (there are some really nice ones in Dublin), walking, knitting groups, walking, game group…you get the idea.

Friday afternoon, Shane joined us for a trip to Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran islands. We got there in the evening after three buses and a ferry, (the entire journey took approximately 8 hours), and it was raining. Great. Supper at the pub and we were wrecked. The next morning, the weather was amazing. Amazing. I still can’t believe it and I was there.

Shane and I hired bicycles and set off. Mom opted for the mini bus tour, which it turned out was very wise, as it was a challenging day of cycling and she actually got to learn stuff about the island from the guide/driver. Shane and I just sort of gleaned what we could from the minimal signage, waved at animals, and wore ourselves out with much more exercise than we’ve gotten in years. All parties had a great day and a very good night of sleep to follow.

We’re back in Dublin, now, after many more hours of transport, and although we’ve had a great visit of over a week, I’m finding it hard to face another several months without my mother.


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    kneehigh said,

    Did ye find the little ruined temple on the island?
    She should come over again for a second visit then!

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