W.I.P. for St. Patrick’s Day

I joined a KAL, (that’s knit-along for you non-knitters), over at the Dublin Knit Collective for St. Patrick’s Day. So, I’m using a bit more of my huge bunch of tweedy green stuff and making a cabledy bag. It hurts my hand if I do more than one repeat in a row. This is just the top edge. The body of the bag is much bigger and with many more cables. I think I will modify.
One of my favorite online haunts is Ravelry. It has been described as ‘Facebook for Knitters’. It’s rad. I can list my projects and books and needles and yarn and looks up new patterns and see what people all over the world are making and get ideas. You understand. Before I started used Ravelry, it was really easy for me to start projects and forget about them. Now, whenever I log in, they are there. Staring me in my lazy, easily-distracted face. This means I’ve been finishing projects faster than a burning cake. Maybe not that fast. But it’s sort of become an obsession. Oh dear.
Anyway, more about Paddy’s day later. As far as I can tell, it really isn’t that big a deal here, oddly enough. We’ll see.



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    kneehigh said,

    Eee! I don’t know how it will compare to the USA but… it’s a national holiday, so no work (yay). But also nothing open really, shopswise. There’s a big parade with lots of other events that will take over Dublin. Loads of people come, and get drunk in the street, which is Not So Nice, but it’s generally with good humour I think. What’s it like in Seattle? I can only imagine that bag has got the most complicated cables IN THE WORLD going by how nifty your little sampler hats are.

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