Oven Woes and Rejoicing

We’ve had some bad luck with this apartment.
I swear, we seem to have had a problem with every appliance in this apartment. When we moved in, the boiler was broken and wasn’t fixed until 6 weeks later. This is in the middle of winter.

The washer/dryer sucks. It washes fine, if you don’t mind waiting 3 hours. The dryer function is laughable. But honestly, we weren’t expecting anything great. The dryer in the hotel was the same way. So we just hang our laundry up in the living room, now.

I don’t use the dishwasher anymore. It just leaves soap on the dishes and takes forever, as well.

So, I can deal with these other problems. But the oven? No way. Regardless of the set temperature, it would run for 25 minutes and then shut off. No begging or pleading or adjusting or stern talks could change this pattern. Finally, I discovered that many other people online had experienced the same problem with this oven model. So, we ordered a part, which seemed to be the culprit in our oven, and waited until our trip to Swansea to pick it up (they didn’t deliver to Ireland).
And…a week or so ago….Shane replaced the burned out cooling sensor…and it works!!!!
I’m so thrilled. I’ve made bread twice and muffins twice. I don’t even know what to bake next. It doesn’t matter! I can bake anything I want!232-bread-side1


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  1. 1

    kimmykokonut said,

    Hooray for your working oven! I hear you on the woes. I gave up on baking when I was in Peru. I tried to bake a cake and 2 hours later it was still goo. To make pizza I had to put the pan directly on the bottom of the gas oven and pull it right before it burned. It’s nice to have my own kitchen again, and your day will come again, too. The bread looks great!

  2. 2

    kneehigh said,

    Hmmmm muffins! Any chance ye could move apt? Maybe some of the stuff is still in boxes so it wouldn’t be a crazy amount of stress?

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