Happy Pancake Tuesday!

“What’s Pancake Tuesday?”
That was my question last week at my volunteer job. I was answered with bewilderment. “You don’t know about Pancake Tuesday?”
Eventually, I realized that it’s the Irish equivalent of Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras. Duh. But seeing as I’m not Catholic, it took awhile for me to remember the significance of the day. Apparently it’s a really big thing here. Stores take out whole ads devoted to pancake ingredients and fixings. While grocery shopping yesterday, there was a lady set up with a griddle and a big pitcher of batter, ready to entice shoppers with her flat, golden wares.
Anyone who knows Shane won’t be surprised that he was very excited when he heard about the upcoming holiday, although he had trouble believing it, at first. This is one holiday he can definitely get into. Personally, I’m not a huge pancake fan. They’re fine, but nothing earth-shattering for me. But, I guess I’ll make some pancakes this afternoon. I don’t want to buck tradition. crepe-ready-to-eatcooking-crepes

BTW, they were awesome. I found the crepe recipe here: http://www.recipezaar.com/Vegan-Crepes-20437.


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  1. 1

    Cherl said,

    Apparently Ihop serves free pancakes all day on Fat Tuesday. who knew?

  2. 3

    kimmykokonut said,

    Pancakes! What a great holiday. I’d make them more often but I am too lazy in the morning to do it. But a whole day dedicated? I could handle that. You could do crepe-breakfast burrito for the morning, maybe a hummus/sprouts crepe for lunch and a nutella crepe for dinner. Perhaps I’m using crepes as a sub for tortillas in a few things? I’m sure it will be fine. Can you get nutella there? Is it incredibly expensive?

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