Valentining in Bristol

Bristol was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because neighboring Bath is so much more famous, but it was really pleasant. We found the semi-outdoor market in St. Nicholas’ place and various cathedrals, monuments, and green spaces.

Shane and I caught the bus to St. Werburgh’s, where we found our lovely couchsurfing host, Maddie. 

After a quick shopping trip, (The Better Food Company was wonderful. Cheaper than Dublin, too), Maddie, her friend Hannah, and I prepared a raw coconut curry, raw rocket and sprouted chickpea hummus, and crudités. I’ve always been kind of suspicious of raw foods that are trying to pass for cooked things, but I really enjoyed the meal and even more, the company. Good conversation, surprisingly delicious food, and glimpses of their adorable cat, Tia.

After supper, we gussied up and headed to a Valentine’s ball to benefit the Big Green Gathering. Shane and I had gone back and forth about whether we wanted to go to the ball. We’re not very good at parties, and Shane doesn’t like dancing, unless he’s just being silly.

However, we had a very enjoyable time. The atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming and we talked to some fascinating people, ate tasty cake, and listened to music that was in turns awful, awesome, pounding, and chill. Not all the same group, mind you.

The next morning, Maddie took us to the neighborhood of Clifton, where we got to check out the suspension bridge and see Guthrie Road; so exciting.

Back on the bus, to the airport, a short flight, and home again. This was one trip we would have liked to extend. Normally, it doesn’t take long for us both to be worn out and ready to go home. But we would have enjoyed another day or two in Bristol to hang out with our new friends and explore the area a bit more.


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  1. 1

    Please tell us more about the raw coconut curry! I’m v. curious as to what went into it and how raw it was etc.

  2. 2

    kimmykokonut said,

    Glad to hear you had a good raw experience! and that couch surfing is going great. I want more details about the photo of you singing!! What are you singing? are you in a bar? are you getting paid? why are you wearing black to a ball? you’re so cute.

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