A few yummies

Donut Holes for Chinese New Year? Of course!
Donut Holes for Chinese New Year? Of course!

This baked donut holes recipe is from “Lickin’ the Beaters” by Siue Moffat. Chocolate with icing sugar on the left and spice with cinnamon-sugar on the right. I was a little concerned by the lack of oil in the dough, but they turned out fine. The texture was a little chewy, but that might have been because I handled them too much. They kept sticking to my hands.

Dinner last night
Dinner last night

I got some wide rice noodles from Asia Market and I knew I wanted to make swimming rama to go on top. So, I boiled the noodles, steamed fresh spinach, made Isa’s peanut sauce, and Shane prepared cornstarch-dusted, frizzled tofu. Upon steaming the spinach, I realized there would be a very small green factor, so I steamed some broccoli, too. This was one of those dinners I wanted to eat a lot more of, even though I was quite full.  

Stop me before I eat the whole thing!!
Stop me before I eat the whole thing!!

 Our oven sucks. One of the sensors is broken, so it shuts off after about 30 minutes. This means I have to choose my recipes carefully and work quickly. Due to this predicament, we haven’t had cake since…I guess since we left the states. But I realized my favorite German chocolate cake recipe only needs to bake for 15-20 minutes! So, I made a cake yesterday. So awesome. Then I started hoping that games night would still happen this week, (I like to bring sweets to share), because keeping an entire cake in our house is a dangerous thing.


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    kimmykokonut said,

    Sounds like you guys are eating well! It helps to have a kitchen, even if the oven is a finicky fool. Swimming rama is my favorite meal! It’s my desert island dish. The cake looks yummy but I don’t think I want any after seeing you drool all over it 🙂

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