Medieval Beanpod Slippers


I’ve been meaning to make myself some slippers for months. However, other projects always seem to get in the way. I’ve also been having trouble finding the ‘perfect’ pattern.
A couple of days ago, I had an idea for how slippers could work in one piece with minimal weaving.

Basically, I thought I could start with a toe, in the round, on double-pointed needles, knit the foot, and then when I got to the ankle, work back and forth, (instead of in the round), to leave an opening for the foot, knit until I got to my heel, and weave the ends together.
I tried it out.
I’m am very pleased with the results. 
Shane remarked that they look like beanpods, and I think they look like those pointy medieval shoes. Thus, the name.

The way I made them, I ended up with plenty of comfy toe room, but I suppose you could start with more stitches if for some strange reason you aren’t into medieval style.


All measurements are for my feet which are US size 8.5 (39 EU)

My gauge was 9 stitches to 4″ in stockinette in the round.

I used size 13 (9mm) needles and about 1 1/2 skeins of Bouton d’Or Orlov yarn, (a hand-me-down from a friend) but by all means, use whatever needles and yarn you have to get this gauge.


Cast on 3 stitches using Emily Ocker’s circular cast-on. Place stitches on 3 double pointed needles.

Mark beginning of round



Round 1: knit

Round 2: (k1, m1) 3 times

Round 3: knit

Round 4: (k1, m1, k1) 3 times

Round 5: knit

Round 6: (k2, m1, k1) 3 times

Round 7: knit

Round 8: (k3, m1, k1) 3 times

Round 9: knit

Round 10: (k4, m1, k1) 3 times

(18 stitches)



Knit until slipper reaches ankle [for my foot this was 20 rounds, (30 total), to make approximately 8 “]



Round 1: Turn, sl1 pwise, p17

Round 2: Turn, sl1 pwise, k17


Repeat rounds 1 and 2 (4 times for 8 rows)

This will leave an opening at the top of the slipper for your foot



Round 1: Turn, sl1 pwise, k17

Round 2: Turn, sl1 pwise, p8, p2tog, p8

Round 3: Turn, sl1 pwise, k17

Round 4: Turn, sl1 pwise, p6, p2tog, p1, p2tog, p6

Round 5: knit

(15 stitches)



Cut yarn, leaving a 10-12″ tail.

Using a yarn needle, weave together the stitches on needles 1 and 3

You now have 3 remaining live stitches. Thread tail through 1 stitch, pwise, then sew through heel fabric, then through another stitch, alternating until you have satisfactorily closed up the hole.

Tie off the yarn inside the slipper and weave in ends


Make another one!





7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    kneehigh said,

    Love the pattern!
    I ordered the lingerie book this evening; computer says it’ll be in tomorrow; if you are desperate to read it stat then I can meet you over the w/end to give it to you; otherwise I’ll bring it on Wed.

  2. 2

    badgerjanet said,

    Found these on Ravelry, planning to make them for my chronically cold toes this winter! Love the design.

  3. 4

    westcoastsupernatural said,

    I just found your pattern on Rav, and I am going to cast some on right away–as soon as I saw them I found I was scrunching up my toes, thinking how cold they are and how toasty they would be if I was wearing Beanpods! thanks for sharing the pattern.

  4. 6

    Jackie said,

    I also found your pattern on Ravelry and oh my goodness!! I started one last night and almost finished it. They are so great to knit up! Thanks for posting this pattern 🙂

  5. 7

    rebecca said,

    I think they look like Who feet!

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