Let’s turn the world upside down. Figuratively.

Awesome Vegan Lunch in Barcelona

Awesome Vegan Lunch in Barcelona

There are not many vegetarian restaurants in Dublin. There are no vegan restaurants here. It’s not particularly strange, considering what a miniscule percentage of humans is vegan. But then, we are the lowest common denominator, right? Some folks don’t eat red meat, some don’t eat shellfish or pork, and other people can’t eat dairy or eggs. More and more people are concerned about the environment and their personal health. So, where are all the vegan restaurants?




There is the fact that change freaks people out.  And there’s the misconception that vegan food can’t be delicious, (oh boy, I made these chocolate peanut butter bars yesterday that were so scrumptious. I really can’t stop eating them). But I think there is something inherently frightening about veganism to omnivores. Maybe they think if they eat vegan food or support vegan businesses, the places that serve meat will go out of business. Or maybe they think if they eat too much vegan food they won’t want to eat meat anymore. Oh no.  

I had this idea when we were in Duvall that I should open a fast food burger type place, but have everything be vegan, and just not tell anyone. I get the feeling that most people don’t really pay attention to what they’re eating, so I feel like I just might be able to pull it off. That would be pretty awesome. Maybe we’ll find out that one of the big chains is already doing this. Wouldn’t that be a scandal?!

Food is such a touchy issue for people. It really is astounding, because it seems like a little thing. I mean, we eat 3ish times a day, if we’re fortunate, but it seems like it’s gotten to be one of those things that you just need to accomplish with minimal fuss. We’re all about convenience and speed and thoughtless eating. With velocity the goal, it seems strange that people have any preference about taste and texture. I actually think that some foods taste bad if you eat them too slowly, and that doesn’t bode well in my mind.

I honestly think it wouldn’t bother me so much that people eat animals if it was a conscious act. If people were truly aware of the consequences of what they chose to eat, understood the heinous ways animals are ‘raised’, accepted the ramifications and then tucked in. I just don’t think they do, to a large extent.

Consciousness is painful, I suppose. It triggers things like doubt, worry, guilt, and uncertainty. Most of us try to avoid these feelings, I would say. But this near global avoidance is something that starts me crying late at night. How can we ignore the truth? How can we so blatantly go on doing things in a way that causes such massive suffering? I do it too. I support companies that treat their employees badly and waste resources and pollute and I use energy needlessly. I’m not excusing myself. But can’t we hold ourselves up to a higher standard? Can’t we make a commitment to be conscious, be aware, educate ourselves and others, and live in a way that reduces the pain we must cause?

Excuse me. I need to go drown my sorrows in another chocolate peanut butter cookie bar.       


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  1. 1

    kimmykokonut said,

    You are not alone!
    You expressed yourself so well with words, in a way that sometimes I am unalbe to do. It is frustrating, but perhaps we are all evolving to be more conscious of our impact…I’ve figured the best way to handle it is to live by example and hope that will inspire others to question the impact they make in their choices.

  2. 2

    Cherl said,

    I’m very much realizing after month 3 of veganism, that I can never go back. When I first started, I told myself, I’ll give it a year, then go back if I want. That notion passed very very quickly. I can’t unknow what I know now.

    I think people would be furious if they found out they were being ‘tricked’ into being vegan, don’t you?

    • 3

      valleyvegan said,

      I totally know what you mean. You just can’t forget what you’ve learned. I agree that people would probably be mad if they found out they were being fed vegan food when they thought it wasn’t. But shouldn’t it also follow that when people find out what they’re being fed in regular restaurants and how it was raised, they would also be angry? If not more so?

  3. 4

    Jody said,

    Hi Becca,

    Judy and I are looking forward to your company in Scotland. I’ll be there sometime on August 5th and the Fringe Festival starts I believe on the 7th. You can check their web site (let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll send you a link. I thought to leave for Ireland on the 9th but didn’t know how long you wanted to fringe. I’ll be heading back to Seattle on the 13th. Jody

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