It’s January, so here’s Thanksgiving!

I know Thanksgiving was a couple of months ago, but Shane took a bunch of pictures, and I still get hungry whenever I look at them. So, lucky for you, here they are!

Thanksgiving in temporary housing in Dublin was way more awesome than I could have imagined. Totally tasty food and my favorite meal companion. I got to do some last minute grocerying at the co-op which was in full swing, because nobody else was celebrating, of course.

The menu plan was as follows:

-Mashed potatoes


-Fruit salad (a Guthrie family tradition)

-Homestyle potato rolls (from the Veganomicon)

-Broccoli and cauliflower

-Gingerbread apple pie (from Vegan with a Vengeance)

-Vegan schnitzel and curry sausages

-Cranberry sauce


Organic Irish potatoes from one of the friendly farmers at the food co-op


Ingredients for yummy vegan mash


 Mash completed, with some set aside for the rolls. I had a hard time keeping my fork out of this.


 Apples I thought were tart, but turned out to be pretty sweet and yummy. Oh well. And one leftover granny smith in the corner.


 Pie spices and sweetener in my pretend mixing bowl.


The pie: pre-oven. Me: pre-too many rolls.


A very full refrigerator. Is there room for leftovers? I guess we have to eat it all.


A peek at the potato dough in the embryonic stage. So cute!


Brushing on glaze. I felt pretty fancy using a real pastry brush, I always use a big paintbrush.


The fruit salad, complete with ‘cocktail cherries’.



Back burner: gravy I invented from a few recipes which turned out to be fabulous. Front burner: Schnitzel and curry sausages. Who needs turkey when you have curry-flavored sausages?


The rolls were the most delicious part of the meal. I preferred the ones with sesame seeds.


Everything ready to go, including local tangy apple juice.


Everything demolished. It was so great. I want to eat it all over again.


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    Jody said,

    Hi Becca,

    Just read about your fantastic thanksgiving and about feeding the birds. I feed birds all the time as I figure we have taken over so much of their territory it is only fair but I try to feed them only when there isn’t much available to them – more when it snows and not every day. Send me your email and we’ll start getting our ducks in a row for the Fringe Festival. Love Jody

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