What?!? I can’t bring my 7 varieties of rice?

I walked around showing our belongings to the guy from the moving company today. He said I couldn’t bring any food with me because they would almost certainly confiscate it at customs into Ireland. Waaaaaahh. I made a list of all the food we have in the house, and I’m a little horrified at how much stuff I have and don’t use, and I’m also horrified at having to discard it. Some of it can go to the food bank, but not much.

On the other hand, that means I get to start all over and maybe get more useful foodstuffs. Also, I guess some of my spices are pretty old, nothing compared to the 30-year-old containers of dust my parents have, but I’m on my way.

It was weird to realize how little we are bringing with us, relatively. Kind of satisfying, in a way. Maybe I’ll actually get a little closer to that ideal of voluntary simplicity. Although it’s not exactly voluntary. I can always use a little incentive. Like, if you don’t get rid of this it will be confiscated at customs…

I’m a little nervous about how eating will be in Dublin. Obviously it’s a big city with all sorts of hippy-type locales, but I don’t know how easily reachable they’ll be. There’s a good possibility I won’t have access to all the ‘faux-foods’ I’m used to, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Most of that stuff is crap, anyway. So, I’m thinking we’ll be eating more beans (is that possible?), more whole grains (never a bad thing), and more fresh produce. I can approach this is a sort of dietary ‘cleanse’, but without the scary clay and psyllium concoctions and enemas. Yippee!


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    kimmykokonut said,

    I think you should try to bring whatever will be hard to find there. Nutritional yeast? Who k nows, you could discover a whole new way of cooking and not miss things back here. When in Peru I missed: tempeh, bok choy, brussel sprouts and good chocolate. Maybe you can bring some seeds to grow veggies/herbs you can’t get….but you are in a city….I’m sure it will all be fine.

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