Disappearing Brownies

Well, I baked these yesterday afternoon. They’re the Ultimate Brownies from the Damn Tasty! Vegan Baking Guide by Kris Holochek. As far as I know, Shane and I are the only people who have been eating these. They are well over half gone. Oops. I used Sucanat instead on regular sugar, but otherwise followed the recipe. I think I would add more vanilla next time, but they are wonderfully chewy and fudgy. I used a lot of dishes in the prep, which sucks. I think they disappeared because bar cookies or brownies make it so easy just to cut off a tiny piece every time you walk by. What? It’s only a tiny piece! You know how it is.  

I’m going to try to refrain from eating them all today. But, maybe I’ll finish them for breakfast tomorrow.


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    kimmykokonut said,

    I have the same problem of disappearing brownies. I just made the ones from My Sweet VEgan. They didn’t cook up like normal and ended up being fudge with a crumb topping. Still delicious!

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