There’s a light!

I’ve been feeling that angsty 20-something ‘why am I alive’ ‘nobody cares about anything’ ‘why do I even try’ thing, lately. It’s comes around every once in awhile and then something happens and it goes away for awhile. Well, during a fire drill at church today(?), a couple I know came up and told me they had read ‘Mad Cowboy’ by Howard Lyman at my recommendation and they’ve decided to go vegan.

I have been feeling great all day. That really just made my gloom disappear. There really is a reason to do what I’m doing! People sometimes see the vegan light and some of them actually feel the way I do about the animals, the environment, health, etc…! Woohoo! I guess this has never really happened before. I mean, I’ve dropped some factoids here and there and had people say, ‘wow, I never knew that’, but this was monumental for me. I hope they feel like they can continue with it. I know it can be hard for people to adopt an unusual lifestyle without support.

Oh, I made muffins last night. They’re the Cherry Almond Muffins from ‘Vegan with a Vengeance’ by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I luv ’em. I used half white spelt flour, and subbed sucanat for granulated sugar. I also used cherries from a jar instead of fresh cherries, because I live in a place where it is coming on apple season and cherries are a thing of the past and the $10/pound from argentina bin. Anyway, they’re rad. As is my 60’s dress. You know it is.


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