We’re actually leaving. Really soon.

It's a comfortable mess

It's a comfortable mess

So, Shane and I are moving to Dublin, Ireland at the end of October. In 6-7 weeks, to be more exact. We are leaving the cats with my in-laws *sob*, and we are getting rid of as much stuff as we can. We will be gone for 1 year. And then we will come back.

The real estate lady came over to talk about property management, and it made me feel more comfortable and also like our house is a huge mess and there’s way too much to do before we have tenants living here. It’s a strange feeling when you think: “I never cared about trimming the fence posts and staining the deck and killing the weeds in the driveway and patching the holes in the wall, when I was the only one living here, but now that there are strangers? Let’s finish every project we can think of!”

I haven’t even really finished unpacking boxes. At least, I’m still using boxes for storing some of my baking supplies, of which there are many. That’s another thing. I don’t know if I’m allowed to bring any food with me. It may be considered contraband. Weird. What am I going to do without my spices and vinegars and 7 kinds of rice and flour I never use? AaaaaaaHHH

I already feel guilty about the cats. If we had actually known we were going, sooner, we could have done the rabies titer thing and had the 6 months to check for antibodies. I wonder if they will remember us. I kind of hope they don’t. It seems like they would be less traumatized if they just forgot us and moved on. How can I think they would forget us? We’re their cat-parents. Oh, I feel terrible.


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